✨ Dive into Materials & TLC ✨

get cozy with our materials and keep your bling sparkling! 💎💍

Gold Plated ✨: Our gold jewelry glimmers with a touch of gold over sterling silver, brass, or stainless steel. Quality shine without breaking the bank. Plus, it's lead and nickel-free, easy on your skin. 🌟

Sterling Silver 🌊: Pure 925 sterling silver gets an extra coat of white gold for that extra dazzle. Feeling fancy? Go for gold-plated sterling silver and step up the opulence. 💫

Gold Filled 💰: Luxe vibes with tarnish-resistant, gold-filled jewelry. A bit pricier, but the extra thick gold coating promises enduring allure. 💖

Caring for Your Jewelry:

Gold Plated Jewelry 🌿: Shield from liquids, harsh chemicals, creams, perfumes, or sprays to keep that shine alive! 🚫💦

Gold Filled Jewelry 🛁: While sturdy, keep these designer charms out of water for the long haul! 🚱

Sterling Silver 💧: Water-friendly, yes! But guard against harsh chemicals to maintain that silver shine. 🌈

Cleaning Hacks 🧼: Softly swipe with a cotton ball or gentle cloth to whisk away dust and dirt. Store in the provided packaging to dodge any accidental scratches. 🧺

Wear with Wisdom 🛌: Before bedtime or hitting the gym, give your jewelry a little break. It'll thank you with years of shimmer! 💪

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